Mt Airy CAP cadets attend 175th Communications Flight change of command

Cadet Staff Sergeant Micah Mulhern and Cadet Airman First Class Alexander Rolfe joined Captain Nathan Rolfe, Mt. Airy Composite Squadron Deputy Commander for Cadets, for the 175th Communications Flight change of command. Many senior officers from Maryland Air National Guard (MDANG), to include Brigadier General Johnson, Commander of the 175th Wing, were on site. The Cadets were able to meet Major Joe Winter, USAF (Col Winter, CAP, MD Wing Commander) who was also in attendance.

After some active networking with other Civil Air Patrol and Air National Guard attendees, Captain Rolfe and the cadets swung by the pilots lounge for a chance to take pictures of the planes.  One of the pilots was kind enough to take them out to the flight line and gave an impromptu tour of the aircraft. He briefed the cadets on many of the features and capabilities of the A-10, ending with an opportunity for each cadet to take a close look at the cockpit. He also spoke a little about his personal path to being an A-10 pilot and gave some solid advice and mentoring to the cadets.

Article submitted by Captain Nathan Rolfe

Cadet Airman First Class Alexander Rolfe gets invited for a closer look. You can almost see his analytical mind whirling.

Cadet Staff Sergeant Micah Mulhern engages in conversation with the pilot while getting a closer view of the A-10.

Mt. Airy cadet follows father’s footsteps and earns Mitchell Award

October 28, 2019 – MOUNT AIRY, Md. – Cadet 2nd Lt. Dylan Marty of the Mount Airy Composite Squadron, a unit in Civil Air Patrol’s Maryland Wing, earned the Gen. Billy Mitchell Award, following his father, who earned the same award 33 years ago. Pursuing integrity, excellence, service and respect cadets dedicate themselves to strong character development and C/2nd Lt. Marty is no exception. During this past year, Marty has vigorously participated in program activities while going above and beyond in performance of weekly leadership duties within the squadron. He also has participated in numerous other squadron supported activities. These have included, in part, quarterly squadron hiking trips, Memorial Day parade and festivities in the Nation’s Capital, and laying wreaths upon veteran gravesites at the U.S. Solders’ and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery, Washington, D.C., in conjunction with CAP’s annual Wreaths Across America ceremonies. Most impressively, Marty volunteered for and was deployed with fellow squadron members to assist in relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. 

Continuing his upward trajectory, Marty attended and graduated from a week-long encampment activity. Pursuing the achievement of strong leadership, Marty passed the comprehensive leadership and aerospace exams to earn the prestigious Gen. Billy Mitchell Achievement Award, which was presented in an August ceremony. This accomplishment, in addition to new academic scholarship opportunities, is recognized by the U.S. Air Force with eligibility for promotion to E-3 upon enlistment. 

The Mitchell award was established in 1964 in honor of Brig. Gen. William “Billy” Mitchell for his contributions to aviation both in and out of the cockpit. During World War I, Mitchell served as a combat airman earning recognition for his courage and leadership from both the American military as well as foreign allies. After returning to America, Mitchell spent the rest of his life advocating the development of aviation for use in the American military. Today he is commonly referred to as the, “Father of the United States Air Force.”

In the 55 years since the award’s institution, fewer than 71,000 awards have been issued. Mount Airy Composite Squadron and its members are proud to be a part of a family’s tradition of excellence.

The squadron provides encouragement and support to cadets as they learn principles of leadership character development and fitness while pushing new limits in the promotion of aerospace and cyber technology. Civil Air Patrol youth program core values help transform young men and women into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders.

1st Lt. Elizabeth Linares, CAP
Public Affairs Officer, Mt Airy Composite Squadron

Troy Marty and son Dylan Marty proudly display their Civil Air Patrol Mitchell awards. Photo courtesy of the Marty family.

2019 Summer CAP fun

“The time will come when Winter will ask you what you were doing all Summer. “ – Henry Clay

Summer 2019. Mt Airy, MD, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets spread their wings and travel to CAP sponsored events across the country. Mt Airy Composite Squadron, a unit of the Maryland Wing (MDWG) Civil Air Patrol, is honored to have a cadet cadre that performs the squadron’s “Can Do” motto, they learn and they lead. The Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program transforms youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders; many astronauts, pilots, engineers and scientists first explored their careers through CAP. 

Civil Air Patrol’s path to leadership begins with encampment. Encampment is a full immersion, military-style, training environment that inspires cadets to learn aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, solidify their moral character and develop leadership skills. It is an intensive environment that challenges cadets to move beyond their normal comfort zones and fosters personal growth. Encampments provide cadets with opportunities to participate in team building exercises, orientation flights, leadership courses and emergency services training. Self-confidence and personal pride are some of the benefits in completing the weeklong activity. Cadets must attend an encampment to qualify for access to CAP’s National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA) Programs. 

NCSA programs are national programs that require cadets to qualify through a nationwide selection process. Beyond the core CAP cadet program curriculum, cadets have opportunities to follow their own interests and explore potential careers. The higher a cadet advances in cadet grade, the greater ranges of opportunities become available. NCSA’s provide cadets with hands-on experience, opportunities to develop and practice skills under the guidance of experienced CAP senior members and certified pilot instructors

Mt Airy Cadet Airman First Class (C/A1C) Alexander Rolfe, Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt) Conner McGarrah and Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt) Micah Mulhern participated in the West Virginia Wing, Encampment. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt) Dimitry Madsen participated in the Tri-Wing Encampment, serving Maryland, Delaware and National Capitol.  These young men completed their first encampment and are eager to sign on for more challenges and adventure.

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt) Dylan Marty returned to the West Virginia Wing Encampment as a Cadet Flight Sergeant. Cadet Captain (C/Capt) Raegan Buzzard returned to the National Flight Academy – Great Lakes Region (NFA-GLR) in Oshkosh Wisconsin as cadet liaison. Last, and definitely not least, Cadet Captain (C/Capt) Aurora Albertson returned to Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue School for staff training, attended Glider Encampment at Eastern Soaring Center in West Virginia and joins the Wyoming Wing Encampment as Flight Commander.

These cadets have spent their summer honing their leadership skills, pursuing personal growth and career interests. They lead the way as tomorrow’s aerospace leaders and look forward to potential opportunities and challenges. Cadet Captain Raegan Buzzard’s favorite quote to any cadet or potential cadet is,  “If I can do it, so can you!”

A Night of recognition and achievement at Mt Airy Composite Squadron.

By 1stLt Mary Alvarado, Public Affairs Officer, Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, a unit within the Maryland Wing (MDWG) of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) celebrated a night of promotion and awards on 27 February 2019 at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy, Maryland.Major John Strong, Group 1 Commander, MDWG, officiated the ceremony as the squadron and its members celebrated another milestone award. Three cadets, three phases achieved within the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and all recipients are success stories.

Cadet Raegan Buzzard began her journey with CAP, the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, while living in Germany with her family. Five years and five commanders later, she has experienced leadership and flight academies, staffed CAP sponsored activities, developed self-confidence and proven her ability to lead. Cadet Buzzard is the recipient of the 18469thAmelia Earhart Award since the award’s inception in 1964. She is promoted to the grade of cadet captain and is challenged to lead and serve junior-ranking cadets. This milestone marks the completion of Phase III of CAP cadet program and she begins her journey in Phase IV, the executive phase. Furthermore, cadets earning the Amelia Earhart award become eligible to represent the United States in the International Air Cadet Exchange. Much like the aviatrix the award was named after, cadet Buzzard is pursuing a career as a pilot and engineer. Her words of encouragement were “If I can do it, so can you.” She firmly believes that everyone can succeed. The Amelia Earhart Award honors an aviatrix, writer, and champion for civil rights who set many records in aviation’s infancy before her famous disappearance during her attempt to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. 

Cadet Aurora Albertson is one of the squadron’s youngest super achievers. She completed Phase II, the leadership phase, of CAP’s cadet program and received the General Billy Mitchell Awardwithin two years of joining Civil Air Patrol. Cadet Albertson promotes in grade to first lieutenant as she progresses through Phase III, the command phase. Not having narrowed down her career path, she embraces everything CAP has to offer; emergency services, ground team qualifications, powered and non-powered flight, rocketry and staff positions at CAP sponsored activities.

Cadet Alexander Rolfe joined Mt Airy Composite squadron about the same time that cadet Albertson achieved her General Billy Mitchell Award. Currently the squadron’s youngest cadet, he is proving to be another success story in the making. Cadet Rolfe promoted to the grade of airman first class, completing the second achievement within Phase I, the learning phase, of the cadet program. Although still in middle school, cadet Rolfe already shows an avid interest and talent in robotics, aviation design, engineering and coding. 

The General Billy Mitchell Award has existed since 1964. This award honors the late General Billy Mitchell, an aviation pioneer, advocate, and staunch supporter of an independent air force for America.

Photo Byline 1stLieutenant Elizabeth Linares

2019 Feb – Aerospace

February 13, 2019 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the second Wednesday of the month focused on aerospace education. This evening the squadron reviewed the aerodynamics of an airplane; form and function of a wing, the science behind the camber of the wing. Following the lesson, seniors and cadets were challenged to create a variety of paper airplanes and measure the distance of travel for each design.

photos by 1st Lt Mary Alvarado & 1st Lt Elizabeth Linares

2019 Feb – Physical Fitness

February 6, 2019 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the first Wednesday of the month focused physical fitness training. Senior members delivered a busy and engaging night. 

Mr. Mulhern started the evening with a safety brief and discussion. The discussion focused on texting and phone addiction; safety issues while driving, walking, working, or in classroom. Mr. Milliner followed Mr. Mulhern’s discussion with an exploration on character development; the evening’s topic was excellence. Last, but not least, Captain Rolfe began the physical fitness portion of the night. The cadets explored plyometric exercises. Using gravity and personal body weight to provide resistance, the cadets were encouraged to vary hand and leg placement to exercise different muscles within the same muscle group. They were encouraged to try this at home in their personal routines. 

Photos by 1st Lt Mary Alvarado & 1st Lt Elizabeth Linares

2019 January Promotions

January 23, 2019 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the fourth Wednesday of the month focused leadership training, awards and promotion. There is no holding these dynamic cadets back. They continue to forge ahead; learning, leading and accomplishing their next advancement. Congratulations to the following:

  • Conner McGarrah – Cadet Senior Airman
  • Conner Snyder – Cadet Master Sergeant
  • Dimitry Madsen – Cadet Senior Master Sergeant

Photos by 1stLt Elizabeth Linares