Cadet Advisory Council works for Maryland cadets


Maryland Wing’s Cadet Advisory Council. Left to right: Cadet 2nd Lt. Betsy Tang, Cadet Capt. Ann Marie Acevedo, Cadet Lt. Col. Christin McCall,Cadet 1 st Lt. Melissa Weinhold, Cadet Master Sgt. Kira Stiers and Cadet 2nd Lt. Morgan Edwards. Mary land Wing cadet program s officers Lt. Col. Bill Duke and Lt. Col. Larry Buck observe the meeting. (Photo credit: 1 st Lt. Sherrie Weinhold, CAP)

Baltimore, MD–Cadets in Maryland Wing, Civil Air Patrol have an outstanding group of cadets working to bring more activities to the group and wing level with the Cadet Advisory Council (CAC).

Recently CAC council chair, Cadet Lt. Col. Christin McCall, and vice chair, Cadet 1st Lt. Melissa Weinhold, met with group representatives to plan events for the Maryland Wing Conference.  They also worked on making the Battle of Cadets a wing event.  The first ever Battle of Cadets was sponsored by Group I last year and was a huge success.  Having all cadets in Maryland Wing participate will make it even better. Your representatives are working for you.  Pass your ideas to your squadron representatives and they will in turn take it to the group representatives.   Your group representatives meet with the CAC council to brainstorm ideas under the direction of Maj. Colin Carmello. “Working as a squadron representative for CAC is enabling me to work at the wing level supporting local cadets and their ideas,” states Cadet 2nd Lt. Morgan Edwards.

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