Volunteer Firefighter

Cadet Master Sergeant Jason Lohoefer did a great job sharing his volunteer firefighter knowledge with Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, on 8 September 2016. His pride and dedication were evident in his enthusiasm and demeanor.

Cadets were presented with an opportunity to handle the fire fighting personal equipment and ask questions. As a bonus, the cadets timed Cadet Master Sergeant Lohoefer as he hustled to put on his gear within the ninety seconds allowed when responding to a typical emergency call. He described each piece of equipment, how it was used and the purpose it was designed to serve. The apparel and equipment approximately weigh a cumulative fifty pounds and represent roughly eight to ten thousand dollars worth of gear.

Culminating the presentation with a bit of light reading, Lohoefer presented his text manual and study workbook. The text manual was about two inches thick and titled: Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills. Cadet Master Sergeant Lohoefer has obviously found it very rewarding to serve his community in this way. He dedicates his time and effort toward achieving the required certifications that will help keep himself and his brothers-in arms safe while performing his duties as a first responder and firefighter.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell

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