MDWG Honor Guard

Mt Airy Composite Squadron Cadets Chief Master Sergeant R. Buzzard and Cadet Master Sergeant A. Pitt joined the Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard on March 04, 2017. The MDWG Honor Guard meets monthly at the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing headquarters. All CAP cadets are welcomed to join. Honor Guardsmen are “Ambassadors for Civil Air Patrol”. They are driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication, patriotism, love for their fellow man, Civl Air Patrol, God  and Country. Often mistaken for “drill teams,” Honor Guardsmen provide a service to their community.

There are four main “elements” of a CAP Honor Guard: Colors Element, Ceremonial/Demonstration Element, Funeral Element and Drama Element (CAPP52-8). As ambassadors, it is important that they present themselves in the best possible light at all times. Because of this, the program incorporates classes in etiquette, public speaking, flag history and protocol, military and CAP. The objective is to achieve proficiency, naturally that requires active participation and abstaining from drug use. Monthly meetings include basic armed and unarmed drill, advanced weapons handling techniques, service protocols and light classroom work.

Membership to any CAP Honor Guard is not a right , but a privilege. Maryland Wing encourages you to join; participate; perform. If you are interested in excelling, investing in your personal growth and in serving your community, Maryland Wing Honor Guard in willing to help you achieve your goals. Meeting time and dates are posted on the Maryland Wing CAP website,

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