2017 March Promotions Week

Mt Airy Composite Squadron celebrated awards week with promotions and radio communications training on Thursday, 23 March 2017 at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center. Major Robert Dickey, former Deputy Commander of Cadets Mt Airy Composite Squadron and the current Maryland Wing Communications Officer, brought in radios for discussion, education and testing. Major Dickey treated the squadron with interactive discussion and role-play. The Introductory Communications User Training is an important part of Emergency Services. Major Dickey participated in the senior member planning session and promised his return to conduct additional training and practice.

Commander Buzzard and Senior members convened to discuss squadron business. Squadron finances, cadet recruitment, emergency service training, material goods and a place to grow were topics of discussion. Future projections on “Where”, “When” and “How” best to achieve the goals aired were explored.

Cadets requiring promotion boards, inspections and drill were conducted. Congratulations to the following members:

Cadets: C/A1C Amy Franklin, C/SSgt James Buchheit, C/SSgt Mitchell Walker, C/CMSgt Blake Scott, C/CMSgt (Part-2) Reagan Buzzard and C/1Lt Daniel Flanick

Senior Members: 2dLt James Buchheit and Lt Col Dean Trombley

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