2017 April – Buzzard O’Flight

Cadet Chief Raegan Buzzard and her brother Cadet Basic Raymond Buzzard III, from Mt Airy Composite Squadron, joined First Lieutenant Owen Andrusiak at Montgomery County Airpark on Sunday morning, April 2, 2017. The sky was clear, the morning crisp and the weather perfect for an orientation flight (O’Flight). First Lieutenant Andrusiak is a Civil Air Patrol Pilot, member of the Montgomery Senior Squadron (CAP) and Congressional Flying Club. These seasoned pilots share their passion for flight by devoting their talent, expertise and volunteer time toward the education of cadet members, under the age of 18.

Chief Buzzard shared her fifth and final O’Flight with her brother’s first flight. They arrived twenty minutes early and Lt Andrusiak had them assist a thorough pre-flight check. He described the different parts of the plane, how they functioned, math, physics and basic aerodynamics. Thank you for your service; both cadets plan to pursue further flight instruction.

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