Cadet Burden’s First O’Flight

Cadet Lauren Burden, from Mt Airy Composite Squadron, joined First Lieutenant Owen Andrusiak at Montgomery County Airpark on Saturday afternoon, April 08, 2017. When a last minute flight cancellation occurred, Cadet Burden stepped up and hastened to the Airpark to achieve her fist flight after having spent her morning with the Mt Airy Chili Cook-off. She assisted Mt Airy Squadron with traffic and crowd control at the event and was able to save a scheduled flight. Cadet Basic Burden is the newest addition to the Mt Airy Squadron and already making a great show of her commitment.

First Lieutenant Andrusiak is a Civil Air Patrol Pilot, member of the Montgomery Senior Squadron (CAP) and Congressional Flying Club. He has the additional responsibility of coordinating cadet flights. Not showing up for a scheduled flight is disrespectful of the time and effort the pilots and senior staff put into scheduling and organizing. The worst part is the fact that it takes away a flight from another cadet.

The photographs are courtesy of 1st Lt Andrusiak.

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