2017 May Aerospace

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), met at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center on  Thursday, May 11, 2017. The evening was busy with drill, aerospace, new families in attendance, cadet testing and senior planning for the upcoming cadet change of command. The evening proved to be so busy that there were no photos taken. However, Cadet Airman First Class Amy Franklin provided the following report on the evenings aerospace lesson.
“2nd Lieutenant Buchheit taught us about centripetal force and centripetal acceleration. He explained how different studies of aerospace go by the same laws of physics. He gave examples by telling cadets about how the acceleration of vehicles make them want to keep moving in the same direction as before even though the driver wants to go in a different direction. Lt. Bucheit gave a demonstration using a blue tube with a string going through it with washers attached to the end of the string. He told cadets how it had to do with force, acceleration, and mass. Before breaking off into groups, C/SSgt Messick and C/Amn Curtis read the directions for the experiment, it said that one end of the string would be spun 20 times in 3 different experiments (2 washers, 3 washers, and 12 cm length string spin). After finishing the experiments and have the number of seconds it took to get to 20 spins, we added up the seconds and divided by 5 to get the average number of seconds. Finally, we came back together and talked about the different averages each group received and how cadets can use that data to find velocity.”


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