2017 Celtic Festival

The Mid Maryland Celtic Festival was held on 13 May 2017 at the Mt Airy Fire Department Carnival Grounds. Mt Airy Composite Squadron was there to provide parking and crowd control. The festival was accompanied by Highland weather; cold and rainy. Cadet Commander Daniel Flanick, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Raegan Buzzard, Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Ashley Pitt and Cadet Airman First Class Amy Franklin dedicated the entire day to help at the event. Support and reinforcements came in the form of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Blake Scott, Cadet Airman Jackson Curtis, Cadet Airman Aurora Albertson and Cadet Airman Raymond Buzzard.

Squadron Commander Raymond Buzzard, Deputy Commander Dean Trombley and the squadron public affairs officer were on site to provide adult supervision and guidance for youth volunteers. Rain, misty weather, food tents, bagpipes, kilts, the hills of Mt Airy rang with the sounds of fun.

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