June Rocket Launch

The rain held off as Mt Airy Composite Squadron enjoyed another rocket launch Saturday. Civil Air Patrol family, Bruce and Karyn Flanick, hosted the scheduled informal rocketry event on June 17, 2017. The aerospace program continues to soar. New cadets and families joined in to achieve the on-hands portion of the Civil Air Patrol Rocketry program. Aerospace Officer, Cadet Lieutenant Daniel Flanick and Aerospace Non-commissioned Officer Cadet Technical Sergeant James Buchheit stepped up and engaged the new cadets and their siblings.

The goal is to achieve the rocketry badge. The Civil Air Patrol model rocketry program features three levels of achievement, painting and finishing techniques, advanced models, alternative sources of power. In addition, the history of four rocket pioneers, the science of Newton’s laws of motion and more are explored in classroom and hands-on applications. The program provides opportunities for camaraderie, science, technology, engineering, math and leadership.

Senior mentoring was plentiful with the attendance of Aerospace Officer Jim Buchheit, Commander Ray Buzzard, Deputy Commander Dean Trombley and Lieutenant Brian Winters, Drug Demand Reduction Officer. Lieutenant Winters gave a briefing on the drug reduction program within CAP and a rocket sporting the text logo “DDRexcellence” was launched.

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