2017, July 20 Visitors and Goals

Third week meeting, July 2017, Mt Airy Composite Squadron gathered at Carroll County Senior and Community Center, Mt Airy on July 20, 2017. Senior cadet staff is off on missionary work, National Special Activities and Leadership school. Cadet Technical Sergeant Mitch Walker is ready to step up and lead the evening activities. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Jason Lohoefer made a surprise visit to the squadron and stepped into the Master of Ceremonies position.

The meeting began with opening ceremonies and was followed by public speaking exercises. Cadets Dylan Marty and Raymond Buzzard introduced themselves identified some of their interests and discussed why they joined Civil Air Patrol. First Lieutenant Laura Smith Velazquez, our newest senior member, spoke on her youthful desire to become a pilot and engineer and her journey to achieve her goals. Guest visitor, Lieutenant Colonel Bob Midkiff dropped in to speak to the cadets about the Pathfinder program; Maryland Wing’s ground team training operation.

Last to speak was Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Lohoefer. He spoke of his experience at Mt Airy Composite Squadron, bid everyone a fond farewell and left for boot camp, four days. Jason joined his fellow Marine recruits at Paris Island on July 24th and is embracing his future with professionalism and enthusiasm. The squadron looks forward to his continued success and to seeing him again soon.

The theme for the night was goal setting. Everyone who spoke offered advice, examples and opportunities on achieving personal goals.

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