2017 August 10 Meeting

The Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Howard County Senior & Community Center, Mt Airy, on Thursday, 2017 August 10, for it’s regularly scheduled meeting at 1830 (6:30 pm).  Cadets began the evening with opening ceremony, followed by BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) inspection led by C/2nd Lt. Scott and C/CMSgt Pitt.

After inspections, cadets went inside for an aerospace class taught by 2nd Lt. Buchheit. The lesson was about velocity,  measuring time and distance and how it applies to flight. He divided distance over the time it took to travel, calculate horizontal velocity. Cadets then went outside to do a hands-on experiment with water balloons. They measured the time and distance the water balloon achieved when launched at a consistent angle. The data gathered was then used to calculate the velocity of the water balloons. At the end of the class, Lt. Buchheit told cadets the four parts that create flight – the four parts are: thrust, lift, drag, and gravity.

Cadet Second Lieutenant Scott conducted a class about hazardous materials and how to protect yourself. He told cadets that there are three levels of protection for different type of dangers. Level one is the least dangerous level, the only protection needed is a mask, gloves, and boots. Level two is slightly more dangerous than level one, it involves protection suits that only cover part of the body. Level three is the most dangerous level, this requires a full body suit, gas mask, gloves, boots, and helmets; there should be no exposed skin at this level. Lt Scott brought in some protective wear such as a bullet proof vest, a gas mask, and a helmet. He  demonstrated how to wear these items and cadets received the opportunity to try on the equipment.

Finishing the evening, cadet staff members worked individually with new cadets on basic drill.

Article by Cadet Staff Sergeant Amy Franklin

Photographs by 2nd Lt Patti Messick


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