2017 Aug – CAP Milestone Awards Celebrated in Mt Airy

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), celebrated the awarding of prestigious cadet milestone awards on August 24, 2017 at the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Banquet Hall, Mt Airy, Maryland. Cadet Executive Officer Daniel Flanick blazes the trail for Mt Airy cadets; he earned the rank of Cadet Captain and received the third cadet program milestone, the Amelia Earhart Award. Cadet Commander Blake Scott and Cadet Deputy Commander Raegan Buzzard have earned the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant and achieved the second milestone, the General Billy Mitchell Award. Cadet Amy Franklin and Cadet Aurora Albertson promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and received their first cadet program milestone, the Wright Brothers Award. Earned earlier this year, The following certificates were awarded following the milestone portion of the ceremony: VFW Cadet Officer of the Year (2016), Daniel Flanick and VFW Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year (2016), Raegan Buzzard.

The squadron was privileged to have Rear Admiral Scott Giberson, US Public Health Services, as the guest speaker/presenter and Lieutenant Colonel Ray Buzzard, Mt Airy Composite Squadron Commander, was the master of ceremonies. RADM Giberson came to celebrate cadet performance and advancement, praising them for their commitment, enthusiasm and civic involvement. Through the use of personal anecdotes and examples, he provided the cadet with the following words of wisdom: “ I’ll leave you with three things that really help me succeed in life and they apply no matter what your age. First, be dynamic . . . never idle. Second thing, have balance . . . spend time with your family, play your sports, study . . . The third thing is, build bridges . . . keep building bridges, don’t burn them.” RADM Giberson captivated and inspired his audience with his stirring remarks and dynamic personality.

CAP’s cadet program uses aviation as it’s foundation and allows cadets to progress through a 16-step plan. The plan is divided into four phases with a milestone achievement award at the completion of each phase. The Billy Mitchell award, second milestone, is earned by fifteen percent of all cadets nationally and the Amelia Earhart Award, third milestone, is earned by only three percent of the 24,000 CAP cadets nationwide. Cadet Captain Daniel Flanick is the first cadet from Mt Airy Composite Squadron to have earned the rank in close to a decade.

photographs by 2nd Lt Patti Messick & 2nd Lt Mary Alvarado

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