Civil Air Patrol Meeting, Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cadets of Mt. Airy Squadron (MD-091) met on September 6, 2917, Wednesday night this week, at Parr’s Ridge Elementary, Mt Airy, to begin physical training (PT) with the mile run. Once finished, cadets went to the VFW, downtown Mt Airy, to finish their physical fitness test which consist of sit- ups, push-ups, and sit & reach. As stated in the CAP Physical Fitness program, activities are one of the five facets of the Cadet Physical Fitness Program. Cadets will experience a range of structured activities to get moving.

C/2nd Lt. Scott talked to cadets about the role of the Cadet Flight Commander. The Flight Commander directs and supervises the cadet flight and if someone has any questions, they should go to the Flight Commander for guidance. He also told cadets that the Flight Commander oversees everyone’s promotion and they must provide guidance and make sure that cadets have what they need to achieve promotion requirements.

C/2nd Lt. Scott also taught a character development class on personal hygiene and why it’s so important. He told cadets it is important because if you don’t have personal hygiene, people will judge you negatively and will make you look bad. C/2nd Lt. Scott stated that if you improperly wear your uniform, it will not just look bad on you, but on the entire squadron giving people a bad impression of Civil Air Patrol.

Article by Cadet Staff Sergeant Amy Franklin, Cadet NCO-PAO

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