2017 October 05 – Physical Training

The first Thursday of October 2017 saw the gathering of Mt Airy Composite Squadron cadets at Parr’s Ridge Elementary School at 1830, 6:30 pm military time. Cadet First Sergeant James Buchheit took charge of the warm-up exercises. Deputy Commander of Cadets Dean Trombley and Testing Officer Brian Winters were in attendance to monitor and record performance.

Physical Training (PT) is one of the core aspects Civil Air Patrol. “The goal of the cadet physical fitness program is to make cadets physically fit and to motivate them to develop a lifelong habit of exercising regularly.” The use of good judgement and common sense are required during these activities; safety is a priority and taught to the cadets. Civil Air Patrol uses the USAF wingman concept in the cadet program as a sort of buddy system supporting the overall well-being of its airmen and is shown to best advantage during these exercises

“The wingman concept is also an important part of the CAP cadet program and includes fundamental instruction in CAP Core Values, the wingman concept, safety and cadet protection for new cadets. It is especially important that each cadet know he or she can turn to a wingman for advice and moral support. Even more, with the wingman program, each cadet wingman is proactively watching his or her mate and stepping forward to help when the cadet needs assistance.”  Major Karl Lotvedt, Commander, Osprey Composite Squadron; Maryland Wing News, Feb. 09, 2016.

The setting of the sun on short fall days brought the outdoor fitness activities to a close. The cadets loaded up and proceeded to the Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) meeting room to finish up the evenings’s activities.

Article and photos by 2nd Lt Mary Alvarado

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