Civil Air Patrol Meeting, Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mt Airy Composite Squadron , Civil Air Patrol, met on 2017 Oct 12, second Thursday meeting, at the Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign Affairs meeting room, Post 10076, at 1830 (6:30 p.m.). The meeting began with opening ceremony and inspection inside. followed by basic drill practice outside the VFW. Cadets practiced faces, rests, and salutes to become better at their basics.

Outdoor activity was concluded and squadron returned inside for a session on aerospace led by C/Capt. Flanick. The class began by separating cadets into two teams and competing in a ‘Jeopardy-style’ competition on aerospace. Once finished, cadets regrouped as a class to discuss why we did the Jeopardy quiz and continued on the topic of aerospace. C/Capt. Flanick touched on the history of aerospace, when it began (which was 500 B.C. by the Greeks), how historic figures used aerospace to fight in battles, and who the Father of Modern Rocketry is (Robert Goddard). He also went over different types of fuel rockets used to launch rockets and compared the fuels to see which one would be better. We covered four main systems of a full scale rocket:

  • Payload System – depends on the mission: fireworks, explosives, human beings, cargo, satellites . . .
  • Guidance System – includes very sophisticated sensors, on-board computers, radars, and communication equipment. It has two main roles during the launch of a rocket; to provide stability for the rocket, and to control the rocket during maneuvers.
  • Propulsion System – produce thrust: propulsion systems develop thrust in different ways, but all thrust is generated through some application of Newton’s third law of motion.
  • Structural System – frame: ncludes all of the parts which make up the frame of the rocket; the cylindrical body, the fairings, and any control fins. The function of the structural system is to transmit the loads from the forces generated during the flight and to provide low aerodynamic drag for flight through the atmosphere.

The last class of the evening for cadets was the safety briefing led by Lt. Col Trombley. He went over the safety pledge, cadet oath, and how everything we use in CAP is owned by the Corporation.

Article by Cadet Staff Sgt Amy Franklin, NCO – Public Affairs

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