2017 Fall Awards Celebrated at Mt Airy Composite Squadron

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), celebrated an evening of awards and promotions on October 26, 2017 at the Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign War (Post 10076) meeting room, Mt Airy, Maryland. Cadets began the evening completing last minute details before the ceremony (7:30pm). Mt Airy Composite Squadron was privileged to have guest speaker Senior Chief David C. Clipson, US Navy, and presenter Rear Admiral Scott Giberson, US Public Health Services, at the evening event. Lieutenant Colonel Ray Buzzard, Mt Airy Composite Squadron Commander, was master of ceremonies and Lt Colonel Dean Trombley the facilitator.

Former Cadet 1st Sergeant Jason Lohoefer, now US Marine Corps Private 1st Class visiting home after boot camp, kicked off the ceremonies with an address to the squadron. He spoke of his chosen career and upcoming specialized training. Lohoefer discussed his chosen career and attributes his success to his Civil Air Patrol leadership training and experience.

Senior Chief David C. Clipson, USN, was the evening’s guest speaker and motivator. Senior Chief Clipson is a hospital corpsman, a career executive with over 25 years’ experience in healthcare management, a dynamic leader/mentor and strong communicator. His discourse held several strong messages that hit home with his audience:

  • Set goals, even at the age of twelve, they provide direction and achievement opportunities. Your goals may evolve into something different but you are still moving forward.
  • Service and sacrifice, know the difference. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to career or family; choices will have to be made in order to find balance.
  • Understand that as you wear the uniform, cadets all over the country are also wearing that uniform; “You are part of something bigger.”
  • “When you serve, you serve in and out of uniform, . . . make sure you hold a higher standard.”

RADM Giberson, USPHS, honors the importance of organizations like Civil Air Patrol. As a presenter, Rear Admiral Giberson is an inspiration to the cadets and they are privileged to receive their promotions and awards from him. The Mt Airy Composite Squadron cadet program continues to grow and evolve as cadets progress through the Civil Air Patrol 16-step plan. The plan is divided into four phases with a milestone achievement award at the completion of each phase. The squadron is enjoying the existence of cadet staff officers that help to teach, run programs and assist with basic administrative duties. The evening’s promotion and awards were as follow:

  • Katherine Grasley promotes to Cadet Airman
  • Mitch Walker promotes to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant
  • Dylan Marty promotes to Cadet Airman 1st Class
  • Jackson Curtis promotes to Cadet Staff Sergeant, achieving the first Cadet Milestone and receiving the Wright Brothers Award
  • Dimitry Madsen promotes to Cadet Airman
  • Ashley Pitt promotes to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, achieving the second Cadet Milestone and receiving the General Billy Mitchell Award
  • Cadet 2nd Lt Raegan Buzzard promotes to Cadet 1st Lieutenant
  • Flight Officer Raymond Buzzard completes his Level I Orientation and receives a Membership Ribbon
  • 1st Lt Brian Winters promotes to Captain; received his Level II, Technical Training, Benjamin O. Davis Award and Leadership Award Ribbon, earlier this month
  • 1st Lt Laura Smith-Velazquez promotes to Captain and receives her Level II, Technical Training, Benjamin O. Davis Award and Leadership Award Ribbon

Photos by 2nd Lt Mary Ann Alvarado and 2nd Lt Patti Messick


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