2017 December 07, Physical Training Meeting

First Thursday meeting of the month, 2017 December 7, began with the Mt Airy Composite Squadron cadets gathering at Parr’s Ridge Elementary School at 1830, 6:30 pm military time. Following warm-up exercises the cadets performed the one-mile run and recorded their time. With the advent of cold weather, the decision was made to proceed back to Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) meeting room and finish up the evening’s activities.

The use of good judgment and common sense are required during these activities; safety is a priority and taught to the cadets. Lt Col Dean Trombley conducted a follow-up on last week’s lesson on Operational Risk Management (ORM). Learning ORM and its application is an effort to encourage cadets to deliberately make good choices. According to the Civil Air Patrol Program:

“Operational Risk Management (ORM) is a process designed to detect, assess and control risk, and at the same time, enhance mission performance. Simply put, it’s a methodical, six-step process to manage inherent risk.”

The evening’s drill exercise concluded with drill tests and training. Mt Airy Composite Squadron is privileged to have cadets eager to learn and advance through the program.

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