December 2018 Physical Training

December 05, 2018 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the first Wednesday of the month focus was on physical fitness. This evenings activities occurred entirely on site. Captain Nathan Rolfe conducted the training program and implementation. This is one of the most popular Civil Air Patrol activities at our squadron. Cadets get active and engage in interactive lessons.

“Unless restricted by a physician, cadets participate in a variety of calisthenics, sports, and other exercises. Periodically, in their quest to earn awards, cadets attempt a physical fitness test.”

There are four categories within the Cadet Physical Fitness Test: Sit and Reach, curl-ups (sit-ups), push-ups and a mile run.

photographs by 1st Lt Elizabeth Linares

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