2019 Feb – Physical Fitness

February 6, 2019 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the first Wednesday of the month focused physical fitness training. Senior members delivered a busy and engaging night. 

Mr. Mulhern started the evening with a safety brief and discussion. The discussion focused on texting and phone addiction; safety issues while driving, walking, working, or in classroom. Mr. Milliner followed Mr. Mulhern’s discussion with an exploration on character development; the evening’s topic was excellence. Last, but not least, Captain Rolfe began the physical fitness portion of the night. The cadets explored plyometric exercises. Using gravity and personal body weight to provide resistance, the cadets were encouraged to vary hand and leg placement to exercise different muscles within the same muscle group. They were encouraged to try this at home in their personal routines. 

Photos by 1st Lt Mary Alvarado & 1st Lt Elizabeth Linares

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