Cadet Citizenship

Civil Air Patrol inspires youth to be responsible citizens. Cadets serve their communities by helping with CAP’s real-world humanitarian efforts. Additionally, cadets gain an appreciation for America’s role in the global community by serving as goodwill ambassadors abroad or hosting aviation-minded youth from around the world. During visits to Washington, D.C., cadets display their respect for America and commitment to public service. Responsible citizenship is the cornerstone of cadet life.


Emergency Services & Humanitarian Missions: Cadets aid adult CAP volunteers in conducting search and rescue and humanitarian missions as qualified radio operators, ground team members and mission staff assistants. Cadets have been credited with locating downed aircraft, finding missing persons, and saving lives.

International Air Cadet Exchange: Cadets enlarge their understanding of distant cultures by serving as goodwill ambassadors abroad. Hundreds more youth benefit by hosting international visitors. IACE provides youth with an informed perspective on complex world issues. As cadets enter adulthood, the exchange’s benefits become valuable to their nation. Each summer, roughly 80 CAP cadets exchange with 80 international cadets from a dozen or more nations. The friendships they build last a lifetime.

Civic Leadership Academy: Cadets study the federal government and explore public service careers during an unforgettable week in Washington, D.C. With a curriculum emphasizing persuasive leadership, cadets develop skills they will need to become consensus-builders in their communities. As a capstone activity, cadets visit Capitol Hill and help articulate CAP’s worth to America.


For America to exploit the talents of bright, capable youth, today’s young people must become good citizens willing to serve their community and contribute to something larger than themselves. CAP produces leaders who are first and foremost responsible citizens.

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