CAP motivates Academic Success

Civil Air Patrol offers middle and high schools an opportunity to use the Cadet Program to motivate students to succeed academically. The CAP School Program develops students’ potential through aerospace, leadership and character education. The emphasis on discipline and teamwork helps students set goals for themselves and fulfill their academic potential.


Character-Building Aerospace Activities: Through CAP’s school programs, young people participate in fun and interesting activities, including model rocket launches, leadership academies, color guard performances, orientation flights and everything described in this booklet. Science comes alive with aerospace, and the student body is invigorated by the cadet ethic.

Role Models and Mentors: Early adolescence is a challenging time for youth. CAP provides middle school students with opportunities to interact with older, more mature teenage cadets and adult volunteers who model positive attitudes and encourage them to grow and fulfill their potential. As the cadets advance in ability, they too become mentors, helping younger students while fulfilling new leadership challenges and responsibilities along the way.

Educational Resources and Support: CAP provides participating schools with all the tools they need to administer a successful Cadet Program. Teachers or administrators who want to make the cadet experience available at their school need only contact CAP to get started.


Reports from educators show that class attendance and academic achievement have marked improvements when CAP partners with their school. Orientation flights motivate students, providing an incentive to excel academically. One educator reported that an unruly gang was displaced by a productive middle school cadet unit because the young people enjoyed belonging to a group that had a meaningful purpose.

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