Volunteer Firefighter

Cadet Master Sergeant Jason Lohoefer did a great job sharing his volunteer firefighter knowledge with Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, on 8 September 2016. His pride and dedication were evident in his enthusiasm and demeanor.

Cadets were presented with an opportunity to handle the fire fighting personal equipment and ask questions. As a bonus, the cadets timed Cadet Master Sergeant Lohoefer as he hustled to put on his gear within the ninety seconds allowed when responding to a typical emergency call. He described each piece of equipment, how it was used and the purpose it was designed to serve. The apparel and equipment approximately weigh a cumulative fifty pounds and represent roughly eight to ten thousand dollars worth of gear.

Culminating the presentation with a bit of light reading, Lohoefer presented his text manual and study workbook. The text manual was about two inches thick and titled: Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills. Cadet Master Sergeant Lohoefer has obviously found it very rewarding to serve his community in this way. He dedicates his time and effort toward achieving the required certifications that will help keep himself and his brothers-in arms safe while performing his duties as a first responder and firefighter.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell

September SAREX Training

Mt Airy Composite Squadron joined Bethesda Chevy Chase Composite Squadron on a Maryland Wing, Group 1, SAREX training mission on 10 September 2016. They gathered at Little Bennett Regional Park, Montgomery County, Maryland. Cadet Second Lieutenant Santos completed some of the familiarization and preparatory training with the assembled five cadets and two seniors while Major Knowles staged the mission scenario. The cadets practiced moving as part of a search line, employed scanning techniques while on foot, practiced communicating to other members of a search line and learned how to use whistle signals.

After establishing clues Major Knowles, Deputy Commander for Cadets at Bethesda Chevy Chase Composite Squadron, returned and passed out maps of Little Bennett Regional Park and provided the mission search scenario. The cadets suited up with their 24-hour packs, radios were passed out and tasks were assigned. Given the map and briefing, the team leader chose a hasty search pattern. The team began at a known trailhead and proceeded through a variety of terrain and trail switches. Radio contact with mission central was executed every hour and when a clue or major event occurred. Mission central also contacted mission ground when additional information became available.

     Roughly one and a half hours into the search, the missing subject was found. The sortie then discussed proper procedure and protocols. Mission base was contacted; safety and first aid measures were discussed. Second Lieutenant Santos then led the sortie back to the trailhead where a debriefing took place. Everyone contributed something to the learning experience and the event was a success.


2016 Mt Airy Composite Squadron Celebrate Milestone Awards

Mt Airy, Md.: Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol’s Mt Airy Composite Squadron, located in Carroll County Maryland, gathered on 28 July 2016 to celebrate esprit de corps and achievement. The host for the evening was Lt Col Raymond Buzzard and special guests in attendance were Lt Col Rory Garnice, Commander, Group 1, MD Wing and Maj Steve Weinhold, Deputy Commander, Group 1, MD Wing. The following recognitions were made:

Commander’s Commendation Award was presented to Maj Steve Weinhold for his extraordinary service as Commander, Mt Airy Squadron from 12 September 2011 through 03 April 2016.

National Commander’s Unit Citation Award Ribbon was bestowed to eighteen squadron members. Twelve of these recipients were in attendance. This award recognizes outstanding achievements, exceptional service and a high degree of performance of all wing members from the period 30 April2010 to 1 March 2014.

Red Service Ribbon Award Ribbon was given to sixteen participants, twelve of which were in attendance. This ribbon is awarded to members who serve as a cadet or senior for two years and are in good standing.

Community Service Ribbon was conferred to Cadet TSgt Jason Lohoefer. Sixty hours of community service outside of Civil Air Patrol is required to earn this ribbon. Sergeant Lohoefer documented over 196 hours of service and has earned two bronze clasps; one clasp for each additional 60 hours of service.

General Billy Mitchell Award is a milestone achievement award. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Katherine Weinhold and Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Daniel Flanick completed phase II leadership. They have now advanced to the rank of Second Lieutenant and have begun Phase III, the Command Phase. It is estimated that only fifteen percent of all Civil Air Patrol Cadets accomplish this level of achievement. Congratulations.

Four generations of Mt Airy Squadron Commanders were in attendance at this evening’s celebration. Mt Airy Composite Squadron continues to benefit from the attention of its’ founding senior members. The founder of the Mt Airy Squadron, Lt Col Thomas McLellan, took center stage and spoke briefly to the attendees. Lt Col McLellan spoke words of encouragement and Lt Col Rory Garnice , Group 1 Commander, Maryland Wing, offered inspirational closing remarks that concluded the ceremony. The time for celebration continued with community fellowship and refreshments.

Mt Airy Composite Squadron meets every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center. For more information, drop in for a visit; see if we are a good fit for your interests.

Mt Airy Fireworks Festival

The Mt Airy Squadron was asked for a return engagement in assisting with parking and crowd control at: The Fifth Annual Celebrate Independence Day event for the Town of Mount Airy, Maryland.

Held at the Firemen’s Activities Grounds, this year’s event had extra fields for parking and seating. Mt Airy Squadron directed traffic, filled the parking lots in a smooth efficient manner and directed families toward safe passage to festival fun. General parking began at 4pm and within three hours the parking lots were filled to capacity. Our cadets became proficient at signaling cars and keeping the traffic moving.

The Squadron is proud to say that the event went amazingly well. The pedestrians were very cooperative and the drivers were very patient. Thanks go to the Sheriffs Department who worked with our cadets and helped maintain order.


Annual Awards Ceremony and Squadron Change of Command

Mt Airy Composite Squadron gathered on April 09, 2016 to recognize members for their hard work over the past year.   In addition, Mt Airy had a Squadron Commander Change of Command Ceremony.

Maj Weinhold has had a distinguished record of service to the community of Civil Air Patrol and especially to the Mt Airy Squadron. He has accepted a position within Group 1, Maryland Wing, and is moving up. His is a hard act to follow. Lt Col Buzzard will do his best to assume the dutiful position of Squadron Commander.

Cadet Awards were presented for: Best Physical Fitness – C/Am Elliott; Best Precision Drill – C/Am Messick; Outstanding Leadership Initiative – C/CMSgt Weinhold. There was also a Senior Member Promotion, 1st Lt Medina

Participating in the ceremony were: Lt Col R. Garnice, Group 1 Commander; TSgt C. D. Ray, Air Force Sergeants Association; Lt. Col J. McLellan; and Mr. Flanick. The evening was celebrated with family, friends and a remarkable dinner created by 2d Lt M. Lohoefer.
2016 Annual Banquet

A Change of Cadet Command

February 11, 2016 by 2nd LT Mary Alvarado

Civil Air Patrol, Maryland Wing, Mt Airy Composite Squadron, under the command of Maj Weinhold, observed the symbolic tradition of passing the flag. It is always difficult to follow in the footsteps of a good leader. Mt Airy was twice blessed in having to choose a successor from two amazing candidates.

Decision made, Color Guard polished, family and friends assembled, the flag was passed from C/Lt Boline to C/CMSgt Flanick. In addition to the change of command, two outstanding cadets, C/CMSgt Weinhold and C/CMSgt Huey were presented with the Armstrong Award. The evening of military tradition was topped off with inspirational speeches, camaraderie and light refreshments.

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Banquet 2015

Civil Air Patrol, Maryland Wing

Mount Airy celebrates accomplishments at Dining Out Awards Banquet

By 1st Lt Sherrie Weinhold CAP

3/21/2015 Damascus MD-Members of Civil Air Patrol, Maryland Wing’s Mount Airy Composite Squadron hosted their annual awards banquet on March 21, at the Montgomery United Methodist Church, Damascus Md.

The Mount Airy squadron held a dining out and awards banquet which highlighted this year’s achievements. The evening began with the presentation of colors rendered by the Mount Airy squadron color guard members, Cadet Senior Master Sargent Danny Flannick, Cadet Staff Sargent Jason Lohoefer, and Cadet Chief Master Sargent Katherine Weinhold and Keith Lohoefer.

The squadron was honored to have Major Kevin Martin, Maryland Wing group 1 commander in attendance at the banquet.

Each year, through an outstanding partnership with the Air Force Association (AFA), AFA presents a medal to the most outstanding CAP cadet. This silver medal presentation is accompanied by a sky blue ribbon and a certificate. This year Cadet 2nd Lt Joshua Flannick was presented the award.

As well as our association with the AFA the Air Force Sergeants association presents their award to an NCO. Master Sargent Johhny Forman was present from the AFSA to explain and present the award. This year C/SMsg Daniel Flanick is the recipient of this year’s award.

Mount Airy Composite squadron is privileged to have the support of the AFA and AFSA organizations.

In the tradition of Mount Airy’s past award ceremonies, cadets were recognized for their special strengths and contributions to the unit:

Outstanding Leadership Initiative – This is awarded to the cadet who most excelled in leadership instruction during 2014 – Cadet 2d Lt Joshua Boline.

Best Precision Drill – This is awarded to the cadet who has exhibited standards exceeding PT requirements during 2014 – Cadet Staff Sergeant Jason Lohoefer.

Best Physical Fitness This is awarded to the cadet who has exhibited standards exceeding PT requirements during 2014 – Cadet Staff Sergeant Jason Lohoefer.

Mount Airy Composite Squadron  MD091

Mount Airy Composite Squadron

The squadron’s 2014 “of the year” Awards were saved for last. These awards included:

Senior Member of the Year-This award is chosen by the cadets to recognize a senior member who goes above and beyond in supporting  the cadets.1st Lt Sherrie Weinhold

Cadet Airman of the year – 2014 CADET AIRMAN OF THE YEAR – This award is presented to the Phase I cadet who has most excelled in all facets of the cadet program during   Cadet Airman Zack Phelps

Cadet of the year- 2014 CADET OF THE YEAR – This award is presented to the cadet of any grade who displayed the most all around excellence during 2014.

The 2014 Mount Airy Composite Squadron Cadet of the Year is Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Katherine Weinhold. Cadet Chief Master Sgt Katherine Weinhold


All in attendance enjoyed a slide show prepared and presented by Cadet Chief Master Sgt Katherine Weinhold which summarized the training, search, and rescue exercises, promotions, and events of 2014.