2017 April Leadership, Rocket Launch & Awards

April 21 2017, Mt Airy Squadron began the evening at Mt Airy Senior and Community Center with rocketry and ended with some unexpected awards. The weather was ideal for outdoor fun. Opening ceremonies started the evening and was closely followed with rocket launches. The cadets launched their pop-bottle rockets using compressed air; everyone joined in the activity. Chief Master Sergeant Blake Scott conducted drill and marching activities; leadership class was lead by Cadet Commander Daniel Flanick. Staff Sergeant James Buchheit was awarded his Wright Brothers Certificate and the Cadet of the Quarter shoulder cord.

The surprise of the evening was the birthday celebration of Jackson Curtis. Young Mr. Curtis has faithfully attended the squadron meetings since November 2016. He participated in activities allowed by Civil Air Patrol as a non-member, learned what he could and waited until he turned twelve. Curtis not only became a cadet that evening, he tested and achieved his first rank, Cadet Airman. The squadron applauded his enthusiasm with an ABU tunic, complete with name tapes. His family was in attendance to pin his rank and  to help celebrate with refreshments.

photographs by Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Buzzard

1000 Wreaths – Mt Airy Composite Squadron’s Goal

This year Mt Airy Composite Squadron has set a goal of 1000 wreath sponsorship and has begun its efforts early this year. The cadets manned a booth at Walter Reed Hospital on April 17 and were greeted with support and encouragement. While there the cadets were privileged to meet Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy, 19th United States Surgeon General. He stopped to speak with the cadets and added his support in their endeavor.

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol is proud to support the efforts of Wreaths Across America whose mission is to “Remember the fallen, Honor those that serve and their families and Teach our children the value of freedom.” Each December on National Wreaths Across America Day, wreath-laying ceremonies are conducted at over 1,200 national cemeteries in all 50 U.S. states, at sea and abroad. Last year, Arlington National Cemetery was short over 100,000 graves.

The squadron will continue to seek sponsorship on an individual basis, at event booths and on-line. You can donate on-line at wreathacrossamerica.org. Select the “Sponsor a wreath with a local fundraising group” donate button and search for Mt Airy Composite Squadron. You can donate to the squadron or scroll through the individual pages and select a cadet. The current wreath sponsorship is one hundred and thirty eight out of one thousand. The squadron may be small, but it continues to prove its “Can Do” motto.

2017 April Aerospace

Second week of the month of April and the squadron gathers again for safety, aerospace, drill and flight time at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center. The safety lesson demonstrated the use of rubber gloves and how to remove them when contaminated. Avoiding the use of ketchup, too realistic, the use of mustard was employed to test the practice.

The cadets continue on the path to Rocketry Badge achievement.   Last month, the rubber band powered rocket was assembled and launched. This week, the pop-bottle rocket was assembled, no time for launch.

Flight time and drill were observed. The meeting was concluded with the presentation of two Wright Brothers Awards. Staff Sergeant Mitch Walker recently achieved his rank in March and Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Ashley Pitt achieved her rank in October 2016.

photographs taken by Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Buzzard

Cadet Burden’s First O’Flight

Cadet Lauren Burden, from Mt Airy Composite Squadron, joined First Lieutenant Owen Andrusiak at Montgomery County Airpark on Saturday afternoon, April 08, 2017. When a last minute flight cancellation occurred, Cadet Burden stepped up and hastened to the Airpark to achieve her fist flight after having spent her morning with the Mt Airy Chili Cook-off. She assisted Mt Airy Squadron with traffic and crowd control at the event and was able to save a scheduled flight. Cadet Basic Burden is the newest addition to the Mt Airy Squadron and already making a great show of her commitment.

First Lieutenant Andrusiak is a Civil Air Patrol Pilot, member of the Montgomery Senior Squadron (CAP) and Congressional Flying Club. He has the additional responsibility of coordinating cadet flights. Not showing up for a scheduled flight is disrespectful of the time and effort the pilots and senior staff put into scheduling and organizing. The worst part is the fact that it takes away a flight from another cadet.

The photographs are courtesy of 1st Lt Andrusiak.

2017 April – Buzzard O’Flight

Cadet Chief Raegan Buzzard and her brother Cadet Basic Raymond Buzzard III, from Mt Airy Composite Squadron, joined First Lieutenant Owen Andrusiak at Montgomery County Airpark on Sunday morning, April 2, 2017. The sky was clear, the morning crisp and the weather perfect for an orientation flight (O’Flight). First Lieutenant Andrusiak is a Civil Air Patrol Pilot, member of the Montgomery Senior Squadron (CAP) and Congressional Flying Club. These seasoned pilots share their passion for flight by devoting their talent, expertise and volunteer time toward the education of cadet members, under the age of 18.

Chief Buzzard shared her fifth and final O’Flight with her brother’s first flight. They arrived twenty minutes early and Lt Andrusiak had them assist a thorough pre-flight check. He described the different parts of the plane, how they functioned, math, physics and basic aerodynamics. Thank you for your service; both cadets plan to pursue further flight instruction.

First Aid, CPR and AED Training

Mt Airy Composite Squadron participated in a squadron run First Aid Training on Saturday, 25 March 2017. Lt Col Dean Trombley and Major Tina Trombley sought the training and qualifications necessary to provide this low cost training to our Squadron.; not a small undertaking on a financial and personal level. Major Trombley said “ . . . the benefit of the video training is the standardization of teaching methods.”

The squadron attendees earned the American Heart Associations Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED. Cadets Kudos to the instructors: “ . . . exceed(ed) all Basic First Aid and CPR training provided by my Red Cross paid staff at all the Centers in my Region,”

Mt Airy Composite Squadron Commander Raymond Buzzard, former Red Cross Regional Committee Chairman (Northwestern Georgia) 1999-2004.


2017 March Promotions Week

Mt Airy Composite Squadron celebrated awards week with promotions and radio communications training on Thursday, 23 March 2017 at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center. Major Robert Dickey, former Deputy Commander of Cadets Mt Airy Composite Squadron and the current Maryland Wing Communications Officer, brought in radios for discussion, education and testing. Major Dickey treated the squadron with interactive discussion and role-play. The Introductory Communications User Training is an important part of Emergency Services. Major Dickey participated in the senior member planning session and promised his return to conduct additional training and practice.

Commander Buzzard and Senior members convened to discuss squadron business. Squadron finances, cadet recruitment, emergency service training, material goods and a place to grow were topics of discussion. Future projections on “Where”, “When” and “How” best to achieve the goals aired were explored.

Cadets requiring promotion boards, inspections and drill were conducted. Congratulations to the following members:

Cadets: C/A1C Amy Franklin, C/SSgt James Buchheit, C/SSgt Mitchell Walker, C/CMSgt Blake Scott, C/CMSgt (Part-2) Reagan Buzzard and C/1Lt Daniel Flanick

Senior Members: 2dLt James Buchheit and Lt Col Dean Trombley

2017 March Aerospace

Mt Airy Composite Squadron met on 09 March 2017 for the regularly scheduled inspection, aerospace and drill at the Mt Airy Senior and Community Center. This week was unique because the aerospace lesson was taught by Cadet Commander Second Lieutenant Daniel Flanick, recipient of the AFA Outstanding Cadet of the Year Award for 2016. The lesson summary was provided by one of our newest and highly motivated members, Cadet Airman A. Franklin. Her summary is as follows:

On the second Thursday of March, 2nd/Lt Flanick taught aerospace to the cadets. 2nd/Lt. Flanick discussed the three laws of Newton and the four different forces for flying an airplane. Cadets got to do a hands-on experiment with balloons to analyze how thrust was created to help move the balloon forward and test how Newton’s third law “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, mass times  acceleration equals force” applies.  Afterwards, cadets went over the main components and the four steps of how engines work and we observed the different parts of a carburetor, where air and gas mix, and magneto spark, igniting an explosion inside the engine to get the airplane to start-up.

Mt Airy has been extremely fortunate in its wealth of quality youth and seniors. The cadets are motivated to learn and develop their potential. The seniors are motivated to help the cadets excel in their endeavors, open up a world of opportunities and to set goals that inspire them to greater achievements. Special thanks to C/ 2nd Lt Flanick, C/Amn Franklin, 2nd Lt Buchheit (aerospace technical advisor) and Maj T. Trombley for photos.