Mt. Airy cadet follows father’s footsteps and earns Mitchell Award

October 28, 2019 – MOUNT AIRY, Md. – Cadet 2nd Lt. Dylan Marty of the Mount Airy Composite Squadron, a unit in Civil Air Patrol’s Maryland Wing, earned the Gen. Billy Mitchell Award, following his father, who earned the same award 33 years ago. Pursuing integrity, excellence, service and respect cadets dedicate themselves to strong character development and C/2nd Lt. Marty is no exception. During this past year, Marty has vigorously participated in program activities while going above and beyond in performance of weekly leadership duties within the squadron. He also has participated in numerous other squadron supported activities. These have included, in part, quarterly squadron hiking trips, Memorial Day parade and festivities in the Nation’s Capital, and laying wreaths upon veteran gravesites at the U.S. Solders’ and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery, Washington, D.C., in conjunction with CAP’s annual Wreaths Across America ceremonies. Most impressively, Marty volunteered for and was deployed with fellow squadron members to assist in relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. 

Continuing his upward trajectory, Marty attended and graduated from a week-long encampment activity. Pursuing the achievement of strong leadership, Marty passed the comprehensive leadership and aerospace exams to earn the prestigious Gen. Billy Mitchell Achievement Award, which was presented in an August ceremony. This accomplishment, in addition to new academic scholarship opportunities, is recognized by the U.S. Air Force with eligibility for promotion to E-3 upon enlistment. 

The Mitchell award was established in 1964 in honor of Brig. Gen. William “Billy” Mitchell for his contributions to aviation both in and out of the cockpit. During World War I, Mitchell served as a combat airman earning recognition for his courage and leadership from both the American military as well as foreign allies. After returning to America, Mitchell spent the rest of his life advocating the development of aviation for use in the American military. Today he is commonly referred to as the, “Father of the United States Air Force.”

In the 55 years since the award’s institution, fewer than 71,000 awards have been issued. Mount Airy Composite Squadron and its members are proud to be a part of a family’s tradition of excellence.

The squadron provides encouragement and support to cadets as they learn principles of leadership character development and fitness while pushing new limits in the promotion of aerospace and cyber technology. Civil Air Patrol youth program core values help transform young men and women into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders.

1st Lt. Elizabeth Linares, CAP
Public Affairs Officer, Mt Airy Composite Squadron

Troy Marty and son Dylan Marty proudly display their Civil Air Patrol Mitchell awards. Photo courtesy of the Marty family.

2019 January Emergency Services

January 16, 2019 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Izaak Walton League of America, Mt Airy Chapter. The regularly scheduled meeting for the third Wednesday of the month focused emergency services training. Captain Rolfe continues to mentor and build the emergency services team at Mt Airy Composite squadron. Seniors and cadets continue to participate in the Maryland Wing pathways program and bring back questions and need for additional practice. This evening’s venue included safety and first aid.

Photos by 1stLt Elizabeth Linares

June 2018 Promotion Night

28 June 2018 – Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign War, meeting room, for its regularly scheduled Thursday meeting at 0700. This evening’s activities included cyber training, drug demand reduction and discussion, drill and inspections, a guest speaker and promotions.

Special guest speaker Bob Weller joined the squadron for an evening of reminiscences. Mr. Weller has enjoyed the grade of 1stLieutenant within Civil Air Patrol and retired from the U.S. Air Force as an Air Controller. He regaled the group with his career path and experience.

The Squadron continues to experience inspirational growth and promotion within its membership and family. Welcome Micah Mulhern and Conner Mc Garrah, our newest cadets and family members. The following promotions were observed and celebrated:

  • Cadet Senior Airman Conner Snyder
  • Cadet Staff Sergeant Dimitry Madsen
  • Cadet Master Sergeant Katherine Grasley
  • Cadet Master Sergeant Dylan Marty
  • Senior Member 2ndLt Dawn Madsen

Photos by 1st Lt Mary Alvarado


2017 November 30 Meeting

Mt Airy Composite Squadron met for the fourth meeting in November, following the Thanksgiving break, at the Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign Wars meeting room at 6:30 p.m. on the 30th of November, 2017. This evenings venue included a discussion on social media, operational risk management and promotions.

The squadron began with opening ceremony, uniform inspections, drill and last minute details needed for promotion. The social media discussion was conducted by cadet 1st Lt Buzzard. It began with a quick Power Point presentation reviewing media currently used by the squadron; Facebook, Shutterfly and a website. The second part of the discussion became a lively interaction between cadets. The culmination of which, was a list of social media sites and how many cadets frequented them. Older cadets, 16 years and older, had personal phones and personal accounts. Younger cadets tended to use their parent’s phone and/or account to access social media sites. Public schools and organizations tend to drive the need to communicate via Facebook and Instagram.

The Operational Risk Management (ORM) training was conducted by Lt Col Trombley. The cadets were divided into groups and given a task. While in groups, they brain-stormed and tried to imagine every possible obstacle and risk that might be encountered trying to accomplish the task. They then presented their ideas to everyone and decided whether the risk outweighed the task.

Congratulations to the recipients of this evenings promotions:

  • C/A1C Dylan Marty – Cadet Senior Airman
  • C/Amn Katherine Grasley – Cadet Airman First Class
  • C/Amn Jackson Varley – Cadet Airman First Class
  • C/SSgt Aurora Albertson – Cadet Technical Sergeant

Article and photographs by 2nd Lt Alvarado, PAO

2017 September 28 – Promotion Night

Mt Airy Composite Squadron’s September promotion night was celebrated on 28 September 2017, at the downtown Mt Airy Veterans of Foreign Affairs building. Beginning at 1830, military time, the cadets began with opening ceremony, followed by basic in-place drills and marching. Indoor activities included promotion boards, Drug Demand and Reduction lesson and safety.

At the end of the nights activities, awards and promotion were presented. Cadet Basic Lauren Varley, Jackson Varley and Katherine Grasley promoted to the Cadet Airman. Cadet Garrett Walker promoted to Staff Sergeant and is rapidly advancing on his brother, Cadet Master Sergeant Mitch Walker. Parents were in attendance to participate in recognition of their effort and achievement.

The squadron was honored to have Major Steve Weinhold, Group 1 Deputy Commander and former Squadron Commander, in attendance. He requested the privilege of presenting 1st Lieutenant Brian Winters with the Benjamin O. Davis, Jr Award for completing the Level II Professional Development. Lt Brian Winters has been a squadron foundation member for roughly fifteen years. Brian began as a cadet member in 2005 and, after a short military stint, returned as a senior member and has been a major asset to the cadet program. Major Weinhold and Lt Winters have a long history to celebrate and the squadron joined in with balloons and refreshments.

Article and photographs by 2nd Lt Mary Alvarado

21 September, 2017 – Civil Air Patrol Meeting

The Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Veterans of Foreign War meeting room in downtown Mt Airy on September 21, 2017. Cadets began the meeting Thursday outside of the VFW with inspections and in-place drills and basic marching movements.

Following drill, cadets went inside for an emergency services class, led by Cadet 2nd Lt Scott, about hot & cold weather injuries and natural hazard injuries.

  • The hot weather injuries included: Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  • The cold weather injuries included: Frost Bite – Stages 1 & 2 and Hypothermia – Stages 1 &2
  • The natural hazards include: Terrain, Poisonous Plants, Insects, mammals and reptiles

Lt. Scott discussed how to prevent these injuries from happening, the symptoms for each injury and their appropriate treatment. He then led a small group of cadets in a group quiz that allowed the cadets to become certified in injury prevention and go on missions as trainees.

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ashley Pitt promoted to 2nd  Lieutenant and Cadet Senior Master Sergeant James Buchheit was promoted to the position of First Sergeant. Change continues as cadets advance in rank, assume new duties and gain in maturity. The meeting was concluded with additional in-place drill and marching.

Article by Cadet Staff Sergeant Amy Franklin

2017 June Isaac Walton League Visit

This week’s meeting was held on Wednesday, 14 June at the Izaak Walton League, future meeting site of the Mt. Airy Squadron (MD-091). After opening formation, the Vice President of the Izaak Walton League provided an orientation and safety briefing to all the seniors, cadets, and parents that were present.   He spoke about what the league could offer, the land, and the safety boundaries; where cadets are off limits. After the orientation/safety briefing, everyone was taken on a tour of the league property.  Cadets were shown the boundary lines for safety and interesting features of the league, such as inside the mechanism that shoots target disks in the air for disk shooting. In addition, instructors for IWLA archery program were present and discussed their program and available classes – additional information about the archery program can be found at

After the tour, Lt Col Trombley spoke to the cadets about tests, first aid and CPR training that need to be completed to participate in CAP events. After that, Cadet 1st Lt Flanick talked to cadets about encampment, what to expect, his experience at encampment and how he enjoyed the learning environment on becoming a better leader. He then answered questions that cadets had about encampment.

Article by: Cadet Senior Airman Amy Franklin

Photos by: 2nd Lt Patti Messick

2017 June Aerospace Meeting

The meeting began with C/CMSgt Scott and C/CMSgt Buzzard conducting an inspection of Cadets Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs). Uniform inspections are opportunities for leaders to identify and provide instruction to help cadets meet CAP standards. Cadets then practiced stationary drill and marching.

After inspection and drill, 1st Lt Laura Smith-Velazquez talked to cadets about meteorology.
Lt Smith-Velazquez explained that meteorology is the study of weather and the atmosphere. She also went over the differences of weather and climate, what matter is, how Earth receives energy, and many more interesting facts. She also told us how she uses meteorology in her work in designing flight desks.

Colonel Buzzard made announcements and went over upcoming events that included next week’s meeting being held at the Izaak Walton League of America, flying rockets at C/1st Lt Flanick’s farm, parking and crowd control at the Mt Airy July 3rd Fireworks Celebration, and cadets going to the Encampment. Cadet Seth Moses, the squadron’s newest cadet, achieved and was awarded the rank of Airman.

Article by: Cadet Senior Airman Amy Franklin

Photos by: 2nd Lt Patti Messick