2017 January Aerospace

Mt Airy Squadron gathered on the second Thursday of January, 2017 for the usual inspections, drill, flight time, and aerospace. Senior member Buchheit presented engineering and aerospace principles in a lesson that kept everyone engaged while learning .

The cadets participated in a class where they performed hands on experiments. The topics for the class included the physics and principals of velocity, speed, acceleration, and air resistance. Cadets encounter all these principals when they fly CAP aircraft during orientation flights. By learning these principals before the cadets take the controls of an aircraft, they become better pilots.

The squadron is at 70% participation on O Flights (orientation flights); we are currently leading within the Maryland Wing. Plenty of flights are available, contact Lt Col Buzzard if you are interested. Thank you Mr. Buchheit for providing a very positive experience for everyone involved and C/SMSgt R. Buzzard for taking photos of the event.

August Newsletter

2016-08_MD-091_Newsletter Aug 2016

MT AIRY COMPOSITE SQUADRON gathered on 2016 July 28 to celebrate esprit de corps and
achievement. The evening was hosted by Lt Col Raymond Buzzard and special guests in attendance were
Lt Col Rory Garice, Group 1 Commander, MD Wing and Maj Steve Weinhold, Group 1 Deputy Commander,
MD Wing. The following recognitions were made: Commander’s Commendation Award, eighteen National
Commander’s Unit Citation Award ribbons, sixteen Red Service Ribbons, one Community Service Ribbon
and two General Billy Mitchell Awards. photos by 2nd Lt Patti Messick