Summer Tri-Wing Encampment 2017

Now is the time to start thinking about Summer Encampment!

Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol provides the following descriptive overview:

“Encampment is the most significant, worthwhile training experience in a CAP cadet’s career. It is a week long basic training-like program and is required for the General Billy Mitchell Award. Encampment is designed to develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities, personal and team leadership, and teamwork. ”


2017 January Aerospace

Mt Airy Squadron gathered on the second Thursday of January, 2017 for the usual inspections, drill, flight time, and aerospace. Senior member Buchheit presented engineering and aerospace principles in a lesson that kept everyone engaged while learning .

The cadets participated in a class where they performed hands on experiments. The topics for the class included the physics and principals of velocity, speed, acceleration, and air resistance. Cadets encounter all these principals when they fly CAP aircraft during orientation flights. By learning these principals before the cadets take the controls of an aircraft, they become better pilots.

The squadron is at 70% participation on O Flights (orientation flights); we are currently leading within the Maryland Wing. Plenty of flights are available, contact Lt Col Buzzard if you are interested. Thank you Mr. Buchheit for providing a very positive experience for everyone involved and C/SMSgt R. Buzzard for taking photos of the event.

Welcome the New Year 2017

Mt Airy Composite Squadron welcomed the new year with physical training and plans for the year. Weather not withholding, the cadets came out for exercise, drill and camaraderie. Short daylight hours and cold weather are not unknown, opening formation was greeted with a winter wonderland.

Plans for a year’s worth of activities were handed out. The calendar is arranged in three categories; cadet activities, senior activities and fund-raising events. Stay tuned for any changes due to weather or conflict.

“Semper vigilance”

Presidential Election 2016

Where were you on Election Day, November 8, 2016? Mt Airy Composite Squadron provided manpower to help set up and take down the election booths and tables at Parr’s Ridge Elementary School, Mt Airy, MD. This election had a bigger turn out in volunteers from the community. The evening was concluded in front of the Trump-Clinton signs. Lines were drawn. History was documented!



Nov 2016 Phase 3 Rocket Launch

Phase three rocket launch was hosted by the Flanick family on Nov 5, 2016. Mt Airy composite squadron cadets and senior members brought their dual stage and payload rockets to launch and enjoy the camaraderie of friends. Four cadets completed the three phase program. Cadet Nathaniel Messick was on hand to video from the air. Using a quadcopter and hand held phone, cadet Messick documented each launch, giving us a different perspective.

The Rocketry program has been a wonderful addition to the squadron activities. Several cadets are one stage and test away from earning their rocketry badge. The program will continue throughout the year providing the cadets the opportunity to earn their “pocket rocket”. Mr and Mrs Flanick were presented with a 75th Anniversary Civil Air Patrol coin and patch. Their assistance in this endeavor has been priceless.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Central MD 2016

Mt Airy Composite Squadron was asked to asset in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk held in Mt Airy on 16 October 2016.  More than 1000 people participated in the annual event that helps to raise funds and awareness. Linganore High School organizations and Girl Scout Brownie Troop were highly visible. Mt Airy Composite Squadron provided a much needed task of controlling traffic at key intersections; providing safe crossing for the walk participants.

The walk began at Watkins Park, Mt Airy, around the elementary school, up W. Watersville Road,  down Main Street and turned back toward the park at the Train Depot. Thank you, Deb Pacheco, from Deb’s Studio for taking photos of participating groups, the event and most of the photos on this post. Maybe next year the Maryland Wing can sponsor a team to participate in the walk as well as support the safety and welfare of the participants.

Rotary October Festival of Carroll County

Overcast, drizzly to moderate downpour . . . Octoberfest was celebrated with real German weather and Mt Airy Composite Squadron was there to assist again! This October 1, 2016, Maryland residents turned out to experience a little bit of German food, music and a sundry at  the Agricultural Center in Westminster Maryland. Mt Airy Composite Squadron, seniors, cadets and volunteers turned out to establish parking lanes, keep the traffic flowing, assist with the mobility impaired, give directions and collect donations for the Rotary. The cadets and volunteers were amazing. This was a very successful confidence building exercise. The weather did not deter participation, the event was held indoor and was a huge success.

ANG Cook Team – September 2016

Sometimes selfless service can lead to some surprisingly exciting opportunities and learning experiences. Thomas Edison was quoted in saying “Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” On 18 September 2016, Mt Airy Composite Squadron participated in the Maryland Wing, Group 1 Air National Guard Cook Team. They joined forces with Bethesda Chevy Chase, Parkland and Upper Montgomery squadrons to serve the noon meal and assist in cleanup duties as needed.

Master Sergeant Pettigrew arranged a tour of the Maryland Air National Guard’s 175th Fire and Emergency Services and Martin State Airport Crash Fire Rescue Station’s state-of-the-art facility while the meal preparations were being finalized. The cadets marched over and were introduced to Technical Sergeant Weglein, who welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview. Senior Airman Cherry then took over and provided a hand-on approach to the training equipment, response vehicles and office quarters at the facility. The highlight of the tour was the A10 training cockpit. The firemen were patient and encouraging. They assisted the cadets in trying out the equipment, answered firestationthe plethora of questions and enjoyed the overabundant enthusiasm exhibited. Lieutenant Brandenberg joined the cadets to thank them for choosing to volunteer their time to serve the Air National Guard; he offered encouragement in their pursuits and graciously joined in a group photo.

Back at the Dining Hall, the staff was better prepared to put the cadets to work. Ice bins filled, plates served and dishes washed. Service was done with a smile and eagerness to do a job well. The reservists responded to the zeal displayed. Brigadier General Randolph J. Staudenaraus, casually dressed in a flight suit, walked over to the senior members table (Lt Col Buzzard, Maj Trombley, Senior Member Trombley and 2nd Lt Alvarado) and thanked them for the Civil Air Patrol cadet involvement. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Baker, as the cadet with highest rank, was asked to meet the General and represent the cadet group. The General made arrangements for the Cook Team to get a tour of the Maintenance Hanger after interest and enthusiasm for the A10 was clearly exhibited by both cadets and senior members. Senior member Lt Donahoe, from Bethesda Chevy Chase squadron, missed the introduction and chose to continue working in the kitchen; he was elbow deep in pots and pans, taking the most thankless jobs and providing an inspirational example of selfless service.

a10_fullThe Cook Team marched over to the Maintenance Hanger where they met with Chief Master Sergeant Queen. If ever there was a man who loved his work, it was Chief Queen. He began the cadets with the A-10 Attack Aircraft, affectionately called the “Warthog”. “Miss Revenge” and “Sure Thing” were introduced along with a short history of their service. Training incendiary devices were prominently on display; their names and statistics were explained. Chief Queen then demonstrated his passion for teaching as he encouraged any cadet interested to participate in a hands-on approach to learning about the aircraft; he patiently answered questions, demonstrated how the consoles worked, supervised cadet interaction and introduced new and varied career choices. Thank you, 175th Wing, Maryland Air National Guard.