2017 August 10 Meeting

The Mt Airy Composite Squadron met at the Howard County Senior & Community Center, Mt Airy, on Thursday, 2017 August 10, for it’s regularly scheduled meeting at 1830 (6:30 pm).  Cadets began the evening with opening ceremony, followed by BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) inspection led by C/2nd Lt. Scott and C/CMSgt Pitt.

After inspections, cadets went inside for an aerospace class taught by 2nd Lt. Buchheit. The lesson was about velocity,  measuring time and distance and how it applies to flight. He divided distance over the time it took to travel, calculate horizontal velocity. Cadets then went outside to do a hands-on experiment with water balloons. They measured the time and distance the water balloon achieved when launched at a consistent angle. The data gathered was then used to calculate the velocity of the water balloons. At the end of the class, Lt. Buchheit told cadets the four parts that create flight – the four parts are: thrust, lift, drag, and gravity.

Cadet Second Lieutenant Scott conducted a class about hazardous materials and how to protect yourself. He told cadets that there are three levels of protection for different type of dangers. Level one is the least dangerous level, the only protection needed is a mask, gloves, and boots. Level two is slightly more dangerous than level one, it involves protection suits that only cover part of the body. Level three is the most dangerous level, this requires a full body suit, gas mask, gloves, boots, and helmets; there should be no exposed skin at this level. Lt Scott brought in some protective wear such as a bullet proof vest, a gas mask, and a helmet. He  demonstrated how to wear these items and cadets received the opportunity to try on the equipment.

Finishing the evening, cadet staff members worked individually with new cadets on basic drill.

Article by Cadet Staff Sergeant Amy Franklin

Photographs by 2nd Lt Patti Messick


Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), meeting conducted on the first Thursday of every month is dedicated to physical fitness. As stated in the CAP Physical Fitness program, the goal of the cadet physical fitness program is to make cadets physically fit and to motivate cadets to develop a lifelong habit of exercising regularly. Physical training, accomplished by cadets, helps improve self-confidence, build teamwork, and instill a sense of determination.

Cadets began the evening’s meeting performing the physical fitness test. The mile run was first, closely followed by push-ups, curl-ups, and sit & reach. Once testing was completed, cadets did additional exercises such as Indian runs, sunrise stretches, squats, push-ups (box, Hindu, and chain), and group sit-ups. Cadets also played a game of Sharks and Minnows, with a twist. For every round the rules would change, for one round if a minnow was tagged by a shark, the minnow would have to do ten push-ups.

While cadets did physical fitness outside, prospective cadets executed the wingman’s course inside. The wingman’s course is a teamwork building exercise where two individuals must work together to avoid running into obstacles. Just to make matters interesting, add a blindfold and an object balanced between them.

Near the end of the meeting, cadets performed improvisational speeches to improve public speaking and confidence. The topics were: customs and courtesies, the importance of cement, Christmas trees, and an improvisational speech about improvisational speeches. Finally, at closing formation, announcements were made and a new change in cadet staff positions was revealed:

  • Cadet Master Sergeant James Buchheit is the new Flight Commander
  • Cadet Technical Sergeant Mitch Walker is the new Flight Sergeant

Article by Cadet Staff Sergeant Amy Franklin, NCO PAO

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 Meeting

2017 July, fourth week meeting, held at the Carroll County Senior and Community Center, the squadron was honored to host cadets from Carroll Composite Squadron and four new youths exploring the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.

Cadets began the evening with drill practice and testing for cadets pursuing their next promotion. Second Lieutenant Mike Swam, Carroll Composite Squadron, discussed an upcoming event, October 13th– 15th at Carroll County Airport, featuring WWII aircraft to include the B25 Bomber. He then talked to the cadets about the Introductory Communications User Test (ICUT), needed for communicating during large events and Emergency Services.

Lt Col Trombley went over a safety briefing on Operational Risk Management (ORM). The briefing covered the dangers inherent in everyday living and how to prevent those dangers from happening. Also, to be prepared for anything and pack more for a mission because you might need to stay pass the end time.

Cadets separated into groups for Character Development. They answered a series of questions designed to make them think about why they joined CAP and motivation; staying motivated, motivating each other and motivating others to join. Afterwards, cadets shared their answers and ideas on the topic.

The meeting was concluded with closing formation and promotions. Three cadets successfully achieved their next promotion:

  • Newest member, Cadet Dylan Marty promoted to Cadet Airman, completing the requirement for Phase 1, Achievement 1 – John Curry
  • Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ashley Pitt completed Phase 2, Achievement 8 – Neil Armstrong
  • Cadet Commander Blake Scott promoted to 2nd Lieutenant by completing Phase 2 Achievement Award – General Billy Mitchell

2017, July 20 Visitors and Goals

Third week meeting, July 2017, Mt Airy Composite Squadron gathered at Carroll County Senior and Community Center, Mt Airy on July 20, 2017. Senior cadet staff is off on missionary work, National Special Activities and Leadership school. Cadet Technical Sergeant Mitch Walker is ready to step up and lead the evening activities. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Jason Lohoefer made a surprise visit to the squadron and stepped into the Master of Ceremonies position.

The meeting began with opening ceremonies and was followed by public speaking exercises. Cadets Dylan Marty and Raymond Buzzard introduced themselves identified some of their interests and discussed why they joined Civil Air Patrol. First Lieutenant Laura Smith Velazquez, our newest senior member, spoke on her youthful desire to become a pilot and engineer and her journey to achieve her goals. Guest visitor, Lieutenant Colonel Bob Midkiff dropped in to speak to the cadets about the Pathfinder program; Maryland Wing’s ground team training operation.

Last to speak was Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Lohoefer. He spoke of his experience at Mt Airy Composite Squadron, bid everyone a fond farewell and left for boot camp, four days. Jason joined his fellow Marine recruits at Paris Island on July 24th and is embracing his future with professionalism and enthusiasm. The squadron looks forward to his continued success and to seeing him again soon.

The theme for the night was goal setting. Everyone who spoke offered advice, examples and opportunities on achieving personal goals.

13 July 2017, Thursday Meeting

Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, gathered for their regularly scheduled Thursday meeting at the Carroll County Senior Center, Mt Airy, on 13 July 2017 . The meeting began with opening ceremony, drill practice and drill tests. Cadets must successfully show proficiency in drill as part of the promotion process to achieve the next rank.

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Pitt gave a speech about how practice, and even making mistakes, helps to make you a better leader. She provided examples of mistakes she made as she advanced in rank, how she learned from them, and why they helped her become a better leader.

Lt Col Trombley, Deputy Commander Mt Airy Composite Squadron, explained what Emergency Services is and what it does to protect our community, state, and nation. He also talked about requirements needed to perform Emergency Services such as ICUT (radio communications), First Aid and CPR. Cadets then went over the five major types of heat and cold injuries. Deputy Commander Trombley went over the different signs and symptoms of the injuries and ways to prevent and treat them; they are as follow:

  • Heat Cramps – Heat cramps are painful, brief muscle cramps. Muscles may spasm or jerk involuntarily. Heat cramps can occur during exercise or work in a hot environment or begin a few hours later.
  • Heat Exhaustion – a condition of physical weakness or collapse often accompanied by nausea, muscle cramps, and dizziness, that is caused by exposure to intense heat
  • Heat Stroke – a condition marked by fever and often by unconsciousness, caused by failure of the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism when exposed to excessively high temperatures.
  • Frost Bite – injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold, typically affecting the nose, fingers, or toes and sometimes resulting in gangrene.
  • Hyperthermia – the condition of having a body temperature greatly above normal.

The meeting was concluded with announcements and encouragement for personal growth and development. During closing formation the following promotions were awarded:

  • Cadet Airman 1st Class Albertson promoted to Cadet Senior Airman (C/SrAmn)
  • Cadet Technical Sgt Buchheit promoted to Cadet Master Sergeant (C/MSgt
  • Cadet Chief Master Sgt Buzzard promoted to Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2nd Lt)

    Article by: Cadet Senior Airman Amy Franklin

    Photos by: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant  Raegan Buzzard

22June 2017, Fourth Week Meeting

Thursday, 22 June 2017, Mt Airy Composite Squadron gathered for their regularly scheduled fourth week meeting at the Carroll County Senior and Community Center in Mt Airy. The meeting began with cadet blues (dress uniform) inspections. When reciting the Cadet Oath, a cadet pledges to “wear my uniform properly” and regular uniform inspections help leaders motivate cadets
to set high standards for themselves.

After inspection, Lt. Buchheit and Lt. Smith-Velazquez went over cyber security and how important it is to stay safe. Cadets were shown a website called digitalattackmap.com to see the different cyber threats happening all around the globe. Afterwards, everyone watched a short video about a program called CyberPatriot. The CyberPatriot program allows Cadets throughout the nation to in participate in competitions where they are put into teams and can compete against each other to win prizes.

Cadets also did character development. This month, character development was about a cadet who was given $100 to buy lunch for the other members, after giving everyone their change, he was left with $10 extra. Cadets were put into groups and answered a series of questions like how did that happen and what he should do with the money. At the end of the meeting, awards and promotions were announced and everyone congratulated the following individuals:

  • Award: Cadet Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Messick (Wright Brothers Certificate)
  • Promotions:
    • Cadet Airman Seth Moses;
    • Cadet Airman 1st Class Jackson Curtis;
    • Cadet Senior Airman Amy Franklin;
    • Cadet Technical Sergeant Mitch Walker

Article by: Cadet Senior Airman Amy Franklin

Photos by: 2nd Lt Patti Messick


2017 Mt Airy Fireworks

3 July 2017, the fifth annual Mt Airy Fireworks, held at the Mt Airy Fire Company Carnival Grounds, “ . . . was without a doubt the biggest year yet!” according to the Mt Airy Fireworks website. While the community came together with tents, mobile furniture and games, Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, was there to assist with parking, crowd and traffic control. Twenty-one cadets and senior members attended the event to assist the Mt Airy Police and Sheriff Department in this endeavor.

Armed with orange painted PVC batons and paint sticks, the cadets (ages 12 to 18), parents, senior members and volunteers positioned themselves to facilitate the press of parking patrons. After the fireworks, these stalwart volunteers assisted the police and sheriff departments handle the mass exodus of vehicles and pedestrians. Cadets learn to lead by doing. Civil Air Patrol is one of the best volunteer organizations, dedicated to serving community and nation. It instills the core values of integrity, volunteer service, excellence and respect.

“I am proud to serve with each and everyone of you!  You Cadets are our future!,” Commander Ray Buzzard, Mt Airy Composite Squadron.

2017 Civil Air Patrol Hot Air Balloon Academy

2017 June 14-22, Hot air balloon flight and training is alive and well within the Civil Air Patrol community at the Johnson Flight Academy in Mattoon, Illinois. Eight cadets, ages fourteen years and older with encampment experience, are accepted into this program, offered once a year. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Raegan Buzzard from the Mt Airy Composite Squadron, Maryland Wing, was fortunate to be one of the cadets chosen for this 2017 National Cadet Activity.

Chief Buzzard was housed at the Eastern Illinois University dormitories in Charleston, IL and flight operations were conducted at Coles County Memorial Airport in Mattoon, IL. Hands-on flight training encompassed layout to launch procedures, navigation, landing, recovery, post-flight procedures and emergency operations. Flight instruction included weather theory and reports, the national airspace system and airport operations. The hot air balloons launched at sunrise and sunset, weather permitting, and cadets learned about the effects of weather on flight in a very tangible way. Written and hands-on testing concluded the program; cadets earned pre-solo wings upon successful completion.

The hot-air balloon ten-day program overlaps the glider and powered flight activities; cadets enjoyed the additional camaraderie of both schools and engaged in trading information, traditions, excitement and fun. Activity Director, Major Robert Bowden, stated, “JFA draws cadets from across the country. It is a unique activity because it brings together cadets all with a love of flying. Only at JFA can you receive hands-on flight training in powered aircraft, gliders or hot air balloons.  Many cadets attend for three years to attend all three programs.”